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UnderToe Mini-ramp Program

UnderToe mini-ramp program is designed to teach the fundamentals of transition skateboarding to students with previous flat ground experience.

The program is held at the SBC Restaurant, an 65 foot long indoor mini-ramp with a 3 foot section on one end and a 7 foot pool coping and wall ride section on the other.  The ramp is suitable for all ranges of skills from absolute ramp riding beginner to advanced riders.


The program is private as access is limited only to the UnderToe participants.

All classes have a maximum of 10 students of similar skill levels and two instructors. Each sessions starts with warm up and stretching and review of safety skills, such as knee slide-outs and bum slides.


All participants, including the instructors, are required to wear a helmets. Knee/elbow pads and wrist guards are optional, but strongly encouraged.

The skateboard and safety equipment needs to be supplied by the participants and are inspected by the instructors for safety and suitability for ramp riding.

The program teaches skate park etiquette and safety. With these skills, children will learn to safely ride a public skate park and get their fair share of time and space regardless of their size, age or skill level. 

UnderToe Levels

At UnderToe we believe that a program with skill levels creates motivation through attainable and safe goals. We also believe that levels allow skaters with similar skills to work together toward common goals. The UnderToe mini-ramp program has five levels:


Little Toe - Ride the ramp

At the end of this level students will be able to do a complete run at the SBC ramp, from dropping in, to popping out.

Second Toe - Coping to coping

At the end of this level students will be able to ride the ramp confidently from one coping (the top edge of the ramp) to the other.

Third Toe - Back side tricks

At the end of this level students will be able to perform a number of back side tricks, such as axle stalls, grinds and rock and roll.

Fourth Toe - Front side tricks

At the end of this level students will be able to perform a number of front side tricks, such as axel stalls, grinds and rock and roll.

Big Toe - You name it!

At this level students have all the fundamental skills needed to work on any trick of their choosing. The sky is the limit!

Providing regular feedback to the parents is another important aspect of the program. We provide weekly session updates and a report card at the end of the program. Of course, we are always happy to answer questions or listen to the feedback.

Finally, we do our best to make sure that kids develop social skills through interaction with other participants, grow their self-esteem and resilliance and have tons of fun!







3 week program 


"Beginner Level"





Feb 2024





Seylynn Skateboard Shop

Indoor / Private Skate Ramp

1434 Rupert St. North Vancouver BC


10:00 am - 11:30 am


8 to 12 

Maximum number of students:


$150.00 + GST

(4.5 hours of instruction over 3 x 1.5 hour lessons )

This 3 week program focuses on transition / ramp skateboard skills following our mini-ramp program.  Students must have a basic level of ability on their skateboard. Students must be able to stand, push and roll comfortably on inclined / banked and transition surfaces ( like skateboard parks) and must have a decent level of balance and control .  This program will focus on the basics of ramp riding and get novice riders on their way to learning tricks. This course will cover pumping, kick turns, fakies, and more.

Safety equipmentHelmets are mandatory and need to be provided by the student (bike helmets OK). Padding is strongly recommended.

Skateboard: Must be provided by the student. 

Proper "trick" or "park style" skateboard are mandatory. No Penny or plastic "toy" skateboards, longboards, boards without proper grip tape , etc.


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